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What Are Lemonilo Products? Unboxing Lemomoms Arisan Package!

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What Are Lemonilo Products? Unboxing Lemomoms Arisan Package!

What are Lemonilo Products?

Hello Moms, I hope you are always in good health. This time, Bumin want to share and review what products are released by Lemonilo. Before that, disclaimer, so this article is not a sponsorship article but this article is written because Bumin was having fun, so last time ago, Ibuku Content Creator (ICC) became one of the communities invited to join Arisan Lemomoms Event.

At a glance, Bumin will tell you about Lemomoms! Maybe some of you knew that Lemonilo is a technology-based brand and has a mission to invite Indonesians to live a healthy and fun lifestyle.

Well, long story short, it's impossible for this movement to run alone. So, Lemonilo formed a community called Lemonilo Club. There are 5 (five) community categories, they are Lemomoms Club, Lemonilo Kids Club, Lemonilo Entrepreneurs Club, Lemonilo Korean Club, and Lemonilo Fit Club.

So, guess, what Ibuku Content Creator currently in? Of course, you can guess, Ibuku Content Creator is joined Lemomoms Club. The interesting things about Arisan Lemomoms is there are many benefits that can be accessed for each member, ranging from fun classes with influencers, attractive prizes for active members, information about health, and also many other promos including Arisan Lemomoms.

What is Arisan Lemomoms?

So Arisan Lemomoms is an activity held by Lemomoms Club whose the contents in this event are sharing various things from talkshow to cooking class. Not only that, participants who are active during the session and share the excitement of the event on their personal social media can be lucky to get door prizes. So, how's the system of Arisan Lemomoms works?

So Arisan Lemomoms is not ask us to deposit money, like social gathering in general. So later Lemonilo Team will capture every member who joined Arisan Lemomoms into several groups. Well, this group will be drawn later. If the name of the group is drawn out of the draw, it means that all group members whose names are listed on the screenshot will get the doorprize of Arisan Lemomoms. Yey! It's fun, isn’t it?

Yesterday, there were members of Ibuku Content Creator who got doorpize of Arisan Lemomoms, they are Mom Iis and Mom Delima. Well, because Ibuku Content Creator also an active community in this event, so Bumin also get it. So now it's time for us to unboxing, can you guess what I got from this? 

Lemonilo Fried Noodles

The first product that Bumin get is Lemonilo Fried Noodles which is claimed made from spinach essence with mocaf flour processed by Indonesian farmers. Many of Bumin's friends ask, "Mom, is Lemonilo healthy?" "Mom, does Lemonilo Noodle make you fat?", until someone asked, "Mom, is Lemonilo safe to eat every day?".

If Bumin read from the packaging of the product, Mie Lemonilo is a healthier choice when compared to similar products if only you consumed it in reasonable quantities. Maybe you have ever heard that Lemonilo has tagline Eat Noodles Every Day. But Bumin still recommends consuming it properly, ok Moms?. Even though Lemonilo fried noodles are really good.

There was also Bumin's friend who asked, "Mom, how many calories are Lemonilo?" "One pack of Lemonilo Noodles is how many grams?" "How many calories of fried Lemonilo noodles". The answer is all the information that you need is on the package.

Lemonilo Sweet Soy Sauce

The next product is Lemonilo Sweet Soy Sauce. Oh God, this is also make Bumin was very happy because sweet soy sauce is very useful for cooking stews, grilled chicken, ah, make me hungry at the same time I wrote this.

 Another reason is make me more exciting is Lemonilo Sweet Soy Sauce is made from quality fresh white soybeans, without flavor enhancers, preservatives, and synthetic colour to produce soy sauce with the right sweet taste.

Lemonilo Chilita 40 Degree

The next product is Lemonilo Chilita 40 Degree Chili Sow Original Flavor. Chilita 40 degrees is a chili sprinkle from Lemonilo with a spicy top! Made from selected quality chilies from local farmers' harvests, it produces an authentic and delicious spicy taste that is ready to become a favorite dining companion for spicy chili lovers. It can be sprinkled on top of rice, noodles, soup, eggs, meat, and even salad.

Lemonilo Naturalizer

The last product Bumin got Naturizer hand sanitizer from Lemonilo. There are two types of hand sanitizer, they are gel and spray. Lemonilo Naturizer Hand Sanitizer is a hand sanitizer with a unique formula without synthetic fragrances, triclosan, SLS & SLES. Contains 68% active alcohol which can kill germs. There are 3 types of content in this Naturizer are Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemongrass.

Anyway, Bumin is really happy because can get this gift from Arisan Lemomoms. So, that's Bumin's review regarding Lemonilo products. Actually there are many more product of Lemonilo, but you can immediately see more complete the information on Lemonilo official website and also on social media managed by the Lemonilo team.

Hope this review is helpful. Please leave your comment in the comment column :) Don't forget to follow this website, thank you. Indonesian version just click here.

Bumin ICC
Bumin ICC Ibuku Content Creator adalah wadah para ibu yang aktif menggunakan sosial media sebagai aktualisasi bahwa seorang ibu juga bisa berkarya dan menjadi content creator

14 komentar untuk "What Are Lemonilo Products? Unboxing Lemomoms Arisan Package!"

  1. Wow.. what a nice surprise. I hope can get the same, hihi..

  2. wanna join this event. hopefully, i can get this complete package. :-)

  3. yeay, I had ever joined arissan lemonillo but never to be lucky member hahaha but itss okey because activity of lemonillo grup make me have another knowladge such like parenting and zoomba and cooking

  4. Aku komentarin pakai bahasa Indonesia aja ya min.. wkwkwkwkw mau tahu nih cara ikut arisannya gimana ya

  5. waa favorit semua nih produknya lemonilooo ya, paling suka mie goreng barunya yg korea pedaasnyaaa mantul banget, apalagi ditambah bubuk chilitaaa :) makan sehat juga tetap enak :)

    1. Masa sih mbak? Jadi penasaran juga sama varian barunya.. hihi

  6. Ternyata banyak ya... saya cuma tahu mi-nya dan anak2 suka itu

  7. Oh, where am i bumin? I left the information about lemomom club. I think its very happy to join there

  8. Wooww, mau dong bumin kapan2 ikutan arisan lemonilonya jugaa

  9. I've ever been sent package from Lemonilo also, that was happy moment. My kids were excited because they could eat instant noodle. On that time, I have just known that Lemonilo have lots of products, before I only knew that Lemonilo products are only instant noodle.

  10. Favoritku mie lemonilo, apalagi sekarang ada yg variant pedas korea. Ulalaaaas suka banget deh pokonya

  11. Baru sekali ikut acara lemonilo. Seru banget arisannya. Narasumbernya kece, materinya menarik, banjir hadiah pula. Sayangnya waktu itu belum beruntung. Semoga kalau ada kesempatan lagi buat ikut namaku bisa naik, heje

  12. Lemonilo mantep yang mie warna hijaunya. Belum pernah ikut arisannya, mungkin nanti mau ikut kalo ada lagi hehee

  13. Aku pernah ikut acara yang dishare icc di wag, seru. Pengen ikut arisannya juga nih.